Thermal print heads
The print head and its platen roll are important and also delicate parts of your packing machine.  Thermal print heads are wearables (they wear down during use).

The print head is a part which comes in continuous contact with a moving product, the ribbon. And as such, the ribbon wears down the print head. Therefore, proper maintenance and care (cleaning) are important to extend the life time of the print head.

Eventually, the print head needs to be replaced. That’s where we come in. We offer replacement print heads for the most common brands of packing machines. Whether it is a “near edge” or a “flat head” print head. Our replacement print heads match and even exceed the O.E. life time when proper care is taken.

Platen roller
The platen roller is the print surface for your ATDPS machine. Paper and ribbon move along the (rotating) platen roller. Ribbon and paper particles can accumulate on the platen roller. Normally this does not affect your printing.

However, if contamination on the platen roller causes the ribbon or paper to slip or stick, you may need to clean it.
Best cleaning practice is to clean the platen roller whenever you change the print ribbon or when the printer has a poor print quality. If sticking or slipping continues after cleaning, or your platen roller is damaged, then you must replace it.

We offer replacement platen rollers for the most common brands of ATDPS machines. They come with the same dimensions as your original platen roller and are fully interchangeable.