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The Packing Solutions Top Loader Medicine Dispenser offers a safe and clean storage for your pouch rolls.
The smooth finish of its PP-material provides it with a gentle feel to the hands of the user. Furthermore, its semi-transparent look lets it blend into the ambience. Of course the dispenser can be set on a nightstand or wall-mounted with ease.

Easy-access for fitting the pouch roll is already included in its proprietary design. Therefore, the upper middle part can be opened conveniently.
For patient-information labels, several surfaces can be used. An information tag or patient information sticker can be attached without limiting its position.

The dispenser simply opens en closes by using a click&lock system. Each pouch can be easily pulled forward at its required intake moment. In addition, a soft clip (which can be customized) provides the tear-off along the perforated division.

Our Top Loader Medicine Dispenser is available in 4 sizes, Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L) and Extra-Large (XL).
Based on 4 intake moments per day, the small dispenser (S) can hold approx. 7-9 days of medication (28 to 36 pouches). Whereas the medium dispenser (M) can hold 14-16 days (56 to 64 pouches). Finally, the large dispenser (L) can hold up to 21-24 days (84 to 96 pouches).
However, the extra-large dispenser (XL) can hold up to 4 weeks of medication (with 6 intake moments per day, 180 pouches).

Especially designed for the elderly users, an optional magnifier can be mounted. This improves the readability of the pouch information when pulled from the dispenser.
On the top part of the dispenser, two small slots are available for easy-mounting of the magnifier.