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Pharmagora Plus, Paris

Packing Solutions will be exhibiting on the Pharmagora Plus in Paris.

Pharmanology Expo, Brussels

One of the leading pharmaceutical events in Belgium is the Pharmanology Expo. Packing Solutions exhibited all their dispenser models, ink ribbons and pharma-distribution boxes. Also, a complete setup of the Pouch Inspector with Cutt&Roll and RFID. Together with our French partner, English, Flamish- and French speaking visitors received excellent information about Packing Solutions and our products. Likewise, coffee, tea and refreshments were available to enlighten the visit to the stand.

Expopharm, Munich

Packing Solutions exhibited on the German Expopharm. Yet another successful event which attracted many existing and potential customers for dispensers, packing papers and the Pouch Inspector. During the exhibition days several demonstrations were performed with the Pouch Inspector and Cut&Roll. Visitors could enjoy refreshments, coffee, tea and cookies while being attended by our expo staff.


Do you have questions? Here you can find many common questions asked about our products.
Please review these questions before sending us an email.

1.  Can you manufacture packing paper with different lengths on the core?   Yes, we can adjust the length to your requirements, unless it is restricted by the machine itself. 

2.  Do you produce for ATDP systems the same ink ribbon as original?   No, our ink ribbons are not the same as original. We use premium materials and are able to adjust certain parameters in the process to achieve an improved quality ink ribbon. Therefor our ink ribbons are equal or better than the original.

3.  Is it possible to adjust the white print layer or change its color?  Yes, we can adjust the width of the white print layer. To change the color of the white print layer is possible, but due to packing machine restrictions and  process limitations during automated inspection, it is not commonly used.

4.  My ATDP machine uses a serrated edge on one side of the packing paper. Can you supply packing paper with this serrated edge ?   Yes, we can. We have the options to supply packing paper with or without this serrated (or notched) edge.

5.  Can I have my Pharmacy or Company logo integrated into the Front Loader Dispenser?   Yes, we can make a virtual presentation of the dispenser with your logo so you can see how it looks before we produce.

6.  Are the colors of the pouch dispensers customizable?   Yes, depending on the volume, we can change the color of the pouch dispensers and the tear-off lip, except for the Top Loader Dispenser.

7.  We have for our patients one-week and two-week dispensers. Is it possible to have a larger four-week dispenser?  Yes, we produce standard 1-week, 2-week and 4-week medicine dispensers. For our proprietary Top Loader Dispenser we are developing an X-large medicine dispenser to hold more then 180+ pouches.

8.  We have disposable strip pouch packaging to serve our patients. Do you produce this type of packaging?   Yes, we produce several types of disposable strip pouch packaging (carton dispensers), with or without custom logo and colors.

9.  Our pharmacy chain would like to have a customized, disposable box. Could you develop a customized box?   Yes, we have an in-house design department that can work out the graphics and the box for you. Or you supply us the graphics and we make a virtual presentation of the box with your graphics.

10. For our adherence medication program, we use crates with seals to transport and safeguard them. Do you produce seals ?   Yes, we produce standard seals (arrow lock) for medicine crates, but we have the possibility to customize seals with color and logo.

11. Our pharmacy uses adherence packaging distribution with medication pouches. We would like to start using automated inspection to reduce errors and keep records of distributed medication. Are you able to provide us with information and equipment?  Yes, although there are different pouch inspection machines on the market, we favour the Pouch Inspector. But the right decision, depends on your requirements and your budget. We gladly assist you in making the right choice. 

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