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Pharma Containers
Our plastic (hinged-lid) containers are food-grade, chemical resistant and even withstand freezing temperatures. Containers are available in Euronorm size, but also in custom dimensions for specific applications.

They are durable with strong, secure hinges. Their superior design ensures a long service life and reduced distribution cost per travel when compared to corrugated boxes. These containers discourage tampering as they are secured with security seals and keep pharma-products safe and out-of-sight. When not in use or to reduce return-transport volume, these containers are nestable and when in use, fully stackable.

• Rounded corners and smoother surfaces. Comfortable hand holds and easy lifting.
• Easy identification possible (tag, stickers, labels).
• Durable construction, safe stacking and nesting.
• 100% Recyclable, environmental friendly.

Safety Seals

Packing Solutions B.V. also protects the content of your containers. To avoid tampering with the containers during storage and transport, breakable seals are available, whether standard or custom made (customization includes shape, color and logo). For use on all types of containers, attached lid-containers and other specialized containers or crates.

They are a low-cost, single-locking, plastic seal, with an opposed arrow-head locking mechanism. Therefor only suitable for one-time use only as they break when the container or crate is opened. Common material for this kind of seals is PP but we also have ABS available.

De-blistering Rolls
We offer customized de-blistering rolls for your deblister equipment. We can adjust hardness, type of rubber,  color, diameter so you can reduce wear and tear, have lesser change-overs……..

Medicine Distribution Boxes
Medicine Distribution Box is our 100% customizable solution for sending out pouch rolls (strip packages) to your end customer in a mailbox friendly manner.