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We supply premium ink ribbons and ink cassettes for various ATDP systems, offering several advantages for your ATDP system. Our consistent ribbon quality reduces downtime caused by inconsistent print quality or doing reprints. The lifetime of the print head increases which leads to lower lifetime costs (due to fewer replacement of print heads and service charges).

When your ATDP system allows additional length, we can increase ribbon length to reduce the amount of change-overs. Standard, we supply the same length as your original ink ribbon.

The composition of the ink ribbon is integral to how it performs. That’s why we maintain a consistent and optimum performance by controlling each specific element of which the ribbon consists.

Ribbon Carrier
The carrier is the thickest, strongest part of the ribbon. With excellent thermal conductivity it ensures a uniform heat transfer to the ink and with good tear resistance (mechanical strength) to avoid rupture during operation.

Ribbon Backcoating
The backcoating is that part of the ribbon which is the closest to the print head. Its function is to protect the print head (to avoid excessive heat and mechanical abrasion). For that, a low-quality backcoating can cause excessive friction between ribbon and print head and give premature wear to the print head.

Ink Layer
The ink layer is that part of the ribbon that is actually transferred onto the packing paper. Depending on the application and the required print quality (detailing, sharpness), it can be made of resin, wax or a combination of both materials. Special additives or even a release layer can be added to achieve a better print when required.

High-quality resin ribbons are suitable for printing dense barcodes and high-resolution graphics at a reasonable print speed. They offer excellent printability and image durability, as well as excellent resistance to temperature variations and chemicals resistance.

Pure wax ribbons feature excellent print quality on a wide range of coated and uncoated papers. The print speeds can be higher and superior abrasion resistance is inherited. But it is more sensitive to temperature variations (operating range). This ribbon is an ideal lowcost choice for general-purpose printing when no detailing is required.

High-performance resin-wax ribbons combine properties of both materials to achieve excellent print quality on coated, uncoated papers and on synthetic thin-film papers. Higher print speeds, good abrasion resistance and higher resistance to smearing. This ribbon offers an excellent print durability in demanding environments.