Packing Solutions B.V. is a one-stop pharmaceutical supplier. We develop and manufacture custom packaging and packing components. Throughout many years of experience in customized development and production, our Packing Solutions team serves various customers (from Pharmaceutical to the Automotive Industry).

We started out 20 years ago to serve the Automotive Industry. We designed and produced dedicated transport containers for parts like doors, front panels and engine parts.
Hence this success in the Automotive Industry, new customers from the Food- and Pharmaceutical Industry turned to us for customized packaging.

Initially, we provided sourcing services and set up production facilities. After that we started to develop, design and produce concept packaging for our Food- and Pharmaceutical Customers.
With our strong focus on customer brand recognition, each concept for a new product development was made fully customizable. Thanks to a close collaboration with our customers. Colors, logos, sizes and even accessories were designed and produced per customer requirements. For instance, products like food containers, food trays, foldable boxes and pouch dispensers are among our assortment. We continued to gain more and more design- and production experience.

Because of this success and with the evermore challenging developments in the Pharmaceutical Industry, Packing Solutions set out a new course. Now more then 10 years ago. To serve better the Pharmaceutical industry, a diversification within products was introduced. Our objective: to be a full service provider and/or -partner to each pharmaceutical organization or customer.

Currently we supply custom packing paper (foil) and ink ribbons for Automated Tablet Dispensing and Packaging Systems (ATDPS). In addition, we also supply pouch dispensers (aka “unit dose packaging”, “compliance packaging” or “adherence packaging”), disposable (carton) and reusable (corrugated) dispensers, safety seals for medication distribution, as well as other pharma-distribution products.

Whether you are looking for innovative customized packaging or low cost packing components,
we can design, produce and deliver according to your requirements.

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