Kokoon Canisters
If you have a Kokoon Packing Robot, you have noticed that the standard original canisters can not handle capsules with the size Triple Zero (‘000’). Therefore we have developed a modification for it. In other words, it is possible to accommodate these big size capsules (medication and/or food supplements) in Kokoon canisters. In addition, with this modification, you don’t have to use the tray (STS/DTA) and can dispense these capsules like your regular pills and capsules.

• No use of the tray (STS/DTA). Only recharging canisters.
• Easy identification on canister (tag,  labels).
• Dedicated rotor for each capsule or pill.
• Especially for pills or capsule, size ‘000’, like Omega-3, Leucine or Carnitine.

Yuyama FDS Canisters
In case that you have an older Yuyama FDS Packing Robot, and you are looking for additional canisters for your machine, maybe we can help you. We have a limited amount of used (but in good condition) canisters for the Yuyama FDS machine. Depending on the medication you pack, we can aid in calibration to match your tablets and pills.

Even better, Packing Solutions BV could help you with spare parts for your machine, because new availability is not possible or limited. Like this, you can keep using your current machine until you decide to upgrade to a new ATDP system.