Our proprietary Side Loader Medicine Dispenser is different from the usual commercial designs. It allows the easiest way of access in combination with simple pouch roll mounting. Opening the cover from the side (by means of a click&lock system) allows the pouch roll to be layed-in how it is delivered: only detaching the adhesive label from the pouch roll and lay it into the dispenser. This provides fast Dispenser preparation times for the pharmacy as well as for the patient.

Its PP-material in combination with a semi-transparent finish, provides a smooth look to the dispenser and makes it a solid, lightweight product that harmonizes with every household environment.

A rubber tab is used for the tear-off function and prevents potential fall-back of pouches into the dispenser. This tear-off tab is fully customizable (color and/or logo).
Patient information can be positioned at the back or the front of the dispenser. The dispenser can be set on a nightstand or wall-mounted with ease.

Our Side Loader Medicine Dispenser only comes in one size (14 days, approx. 60 pouches).
Especially designed for the elderly users, an optional magnifier can be mounted which improves the readability of the pouch information when pulled from the dispenser.