Compact and modern design with a full transparent cover were the bases for our proprietary Front Loader Medicine Dispenser. The dispenser opens easily at the front by a lift&pull movement. By simply closing the front cover, the pouch roll is automatically clamped and positioned against the tear-off tab.
The tear-off tab prevents the pouches to fall back into the dispenser and provides the tear-off function for the pouch to use.
The mounting/rotation of the pouch roll is indicated on the inside of the Medicine Dispenser.

Simple-and-square design together with premium ABS materials for the housing and PC for the full-transparent cover are used to give the Medicine Dispenser its modern and sleek look. It fits within any surrounding without drawing attention to its function.
Due to the lift&pull locking system, the front cover can not open inadvertently. The full-transparent front cover is UV protected and the pouch roll is visible at anytime.

Our Front Loader Medicine Dispenser only comes in one size (14 days, approx. 60 pouches).

Perfect for brand recognition, the Front Loader Dispenser is fully customizable, with a customers logo on the sides and different colors for the body and tear-off tab. It is compact, has a smooth finish and is stackable. Patient information can be attached at the back of the dispenser.