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A Mini-Keyboard can be used to optimize the validation process. It’s a small keyboard with eight buttons like ‘Ok’, ‘Back’, ‘Next’ and ‘Report’ and it will get you through the validation process even faster.
It can be used at the Pouch Inspector or at your desk.

PI Shaker
A special designed “shaker” facilitates the inspection process by accommodating the medication inside each pouch through a horizontal shake-movement. This reduces even more the rejected pouches due to pills being stacked.

Pouch Winder & Spool
Together with the Pouch Winder, PI spools can be used to roll the pouches directly from the packaging machine into a perfect pouch roll. The Spool has an easy slide-in system to grab the pouches. It has only one disc which makes it easier to insert the pouches.
The patented U-sensor can be mounted on the packaging machine using its integrated magnets or on a bracket. The U-sensor measures the tension and controls the winding speed, therefore preventing tension on the strips. This prevents torn strips.

PI Transport
Working seamlessly together with the Pouch Inspector, our PI Transport optimizes the inspection process further. It transports the pouches to the next step in the process.

The Pouch Inspector goes even further than only inspection. Inspection equipment in combination with RFID crates allow customers to control the whole medication flow. Status and location of each roll (big or small) is always known and shipment is only possible after passing a customizable release procedure.
This brings safety and control to a new level.