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This privacy policy applies to the information collected by Packing Solutions B.V., through any interactive media applications (ie. widgets, blogs, social networks), whether these are offline and online.

This Privacy Policy explains the information that Packing Solutions B.V. may collect when you interact with us. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully.

Packing Solutions B.V. is hereafter called ‘PKSBV’.

| Collection of Information |
Normally, PKSBV does not require you to provide personally identifiable information to us in order to visit and use our PKSBV Website. PKSBV automatically collects certain information such as your IP address and/or another unique identifiers for the computer, mobile device, technology or any other device you use to access the PKSBV Website.

Certain third-party analytics and service providers, as well as PKSBV, may use a variety of technologies that automatically collect information about how you use the PKSBV Website. This so-called “Usage Information” may include browser type, webpage served, the  time a webpage was accessed, operating system and/or pages views. This Usage Information is non-identifying, but anyway we will treat it as Personal Information.

| Cookies |
The PKSBV Website uses cookies and other Technologies to collect Usage Information:

“Cookies” (Flash files, html files, Java, etc) will help to store user activities and preferences. If you disable cookies on your Device, some features of our PKSBV Website may not function properly.

“Embedded Scripts” are programming codes, designed to collect information about your interactions with the PKSBV Website (ie. links  you click on).

“Web beacons” (Gifs, pixel/image tags) are used to collect advertising data. Web beacons may be used for purposes like counting visitors on our PKSBV Website.

| Personal Information Usage that PKSBV Collects |
PKSBV will use the information it collects, including your Personal Information to:
– to customize your experience on the our Website;
– to provide you with information that may be of interest to you;
– to provide you with support.

Personal Information:
We may share your Personal Information, upon and solely agreed by you at the time you provide your Personal Information, in the following circumstances:

1) Legal Protections and Law Enforcement:
– to comply with local and federal legal obligations or when we believe that the Local or federal law requires it;
– on request by governmental authorities when conducting an investigation;
– to respond to an emergency;
– to verify or enforce our Terms & Conditions or other applicable policies;
– to protect the rights, property, safety or security of visitors to the PKSBV Website or the public.
Such sharing and/or disclosures may be executed without notice to you.

2) When You Consent To Have Your Personal Information Shared:
– We may give you the opportunity to consent to the sharing of your information with third parties. Such reasons include, without limitation, for you to be able to receive information and/or marketing offers from third parties.

3) If you agree or request to have your Personal Information shared by us:
– your Personal Information will be disclosed to the applicable third party(s). Remember that your Personal Information you provide will  be subject to the Privacy Policy of the third party(s). Please consult the Privacy Policies of each third party.
– If you request or agree upon receiving communications from third parties. If you later on decide that you do not longer wish to receive their communications, you will need to contact them directly.

| Security and Retention Disclaimer |
PKSBV uses commercially reasonable safeguards to help protect and secure your Personal Information. However, no electronic data transmission or storage of information can be guaranteed to be 100% private and secure. Please be careful to avoid ‘phishing’ scams, where someone may send you an e-mail that looks like it is from PKSBV asking for your Personal Information. We hold no responsibility for ‘phishing scams’ and/or other ‘look-a-like spam’.

You clearly understand and agree on, that any messages or information you send to our PKSBV Website may be read and/or intercepted by  others. Therefor, PKSBV does not ensure or warrant the safety of any information you send to us. The use of our PKSBV Website and any information you provide to us is at your own risk.

| Changes to Privacy Policy |
PKSBV has the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time, without prior notice to you. Any and all changes will become effective immediately upon posting to our website. Your use of the PKSBV Website, after posting an updated or new Privacy Policy, will constitute acceptance of, and agreement to, those changes. For that, please review this Privacy Policy on a regular bases.

Please review our Terms & Conditions.

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