When working with medication, Safety and Accuracy are the most important aspects in any ATDP production process. Packing Solutions recognizes this and renders the compliance to these aspects to one of the best inspection equipment in the industry:
The Pouch Inspector (Pi).

An additional machine, but no additional action.

The Pi performs highly sensitive scans on shape, size and color using the latest scanning techniques. Then it verifies the medication per pouch strip and scans the unique bar code per patient.

Currently, the Pouch Inspector is the fastest pouch inspection machine with up to 5 pouches per second and an impressive accuracy (98% of the scans are auto-approved, depending on customer requirements).

• Easy and intuitive to use, so no extensive training required.
• Optimal usage efficiency.
• Pouch correction validation by means of a webcam photo.
• Printable, customized reports (Excel/PDF).
• Printable lists of medications and repairs (Excel/PDF).
• Adjustable tolerances per medication.
• Create your own levels of security (users vs. rights).
• Inspect from any PC or tablet in your network.
• Works with most of the known ATDP machines.

The Pouch Inspector comes standard with the web application Pi-Web. It operates by using the touchscreen of the Pouch Inspector, but also from any PC or tablet in your network.
After the Pouch Inspector carries out the inspection, the results can be verified, validated and archived in a very intuitive manner. Pi-Web shows the missing, surplus, damaged and incorrect medication per batch, per patient and per pouch.