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Straight from the Pouch Inspector to the Cut&Roll. With this, pouch rolls are cut and divided in smaller rolls per patient, intake time and/or location. This makes the verification easier.

• Automatic cutting and rolling per patient, intake time or location.
• Makes it ready-for-dispatch.
• Higher pouch-handling speed, no tangled mess of pouch strips.
• Fast access to the alarmed pouches.
• Elegant, fast and noise-free.

A special designed table is available for the Cut&Roll. It has the right dimensions and outlets to be combined with the Pouch Inspector.
Additionally, a valve can be placed underneath the Cut&Roll to separate the pouch rolls (alarmed and alarm-free pouch rolls). This table is equipped with wheels and therefore conveniently movable.

The combination of a functional, compact design, carefully selected materials and the unique self-learning software, ensures that the Pouch Inspector and the Cut&Roll are easy and pleasant to use and require minimal training.

Hardware and software are continuous optimized and, together with the integrated database and remote connection to the BP Service Center, it offers a total package where the customer is assured of good support.

• Up-to-date software to improve the functionality of each systems. We strive to provide the best software available.
• We can apply custom made solutions.
• Time saving due to smart product development.
• All our products work seamlessly together to optimize the production process.